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  • Broken for use
  • Corn ground for making
  • Crumb of, used to wipe the fingers, thrown under the table
  • First fruit of, offered to God
  • Given by God
  • Illustrative: ( Seeking of begging,) of extreme poverty.
  • Illustrative: (Eating without scarceness,) of plenty.
  • Illustrative: (Fulness of,) of abundance.
  • Illustrative: (Of adversity,) of heavy affliction.
  • Illustrative: (Of deceit,) of unlawful gain.
  • Illustrative: (Of idleness,) of sloth.
  • Illustrative: (Of tears,) of sorrow.
  • Illustrative: (Of wickedness,) of oppression.
  • Illustrative: (Partaking of,) of communion of saints.
  • Illustrative: (Want of,) of extreme poverty.
  • Illustrative: (When broken,) of the death of Christ.
  • Illustrative: Of Christ.
  • In times of scarcity, sold by weight
  • Kept in baskets
  • Made of: Barley.
  • Made of: Beans, millet, &c.
  • Made of: Manna (in the wilderness).
  • Made of: Wheat.
  • Making of, a trade
  • Multitudes miraculously fed by Christ with
  • Nutritious and strengthening
  • Offered with sacrifices
  • Often given as a present
  • Often put for the whole substance of man
  • Ordinary, called common bread
  • Placed on table of shew bread
  • Plenty of, promised to the obedient
  • Publicly sold
  • Sacred, called hallowed bread
  • Scarceness of, sent as a punishment
  • Served round after funerals
  • Sometimes unleavened
  • The principal food used by the ancients
  • Troughs used for kneading
  • Usually leavened
  • Was baked: In ovens.
  • Was baked: On coals of fire.
  • Was baked: On hearths.
  • Was formed into: Cakes.
  • Was formed into: Loaves.
  • Was formed into: Wafers.
  • Was kneaded
  • When old, dry and mouldy
  • With water, the food of prisons
  • Yielded by the earth

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