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  • An ignominious, compared to the burial of an ass
  • Antiquity of coffins for
  • Antiquity of purchasing places for
  • Attended by: Family of the dead.
  • Attended by: Female friends.
  • Attended by: Great lamentation at.
  • Attended by: Hired mourners.
  • Attended by: Numbers of friends, &c.
  • Design of
  • Followed by a feast
  • Illustrative of regeneration
  • Of enemies, sometimes performed by the conquerors
  • Of persons embalmed, deferred for seventy days
  • Of persons hanged, always on the days of execution
  • Of the friendless, a kind act
  • Often took place immediately after death
  • Orations sometimes made at
  • Perfumes burned at
  • Places of: For criminals, marked by heaps.
  • Places of: Frequently prepared and pointed out during life.
  • Places of: Held in high veneration.
  • Places of: Members of a family interred in the same.
  • Places of: Often desecrated by idolatry.
  • Places of: Pillars erected on.
  • Places of: Provided for aliens and strangers.
  • Places of: Provided for the common people.
  • Places of: Sometimes had inscriptions.
  • Places of: Sometimes not apparent.
  • Places of: Tombs erected over.
  • Places of: Visited by sorrowing friends.
  • Places of: Were ceremonially unclean.
  • Places used for: Caves hewn out of rocks.
  • Places used for: Gardens.
  • Places used for: Houses of the deceased.
  • Places used for: Natural caves.
  • Places used for: The city of David for the kings of Judah.
  • Places used for: Tops of the hills.
  • Places used for: Under trees.
  • Privation of, considered a calamity
  • Privation of, threatened as a punishment
  • Probable origin of
  • The body was: Anointed for.
  • The body was: Carried on a bier to.
  • The body was: Preserved with spices.
  • The body was: Sometimes burned before.
  • The body was: Washed before.
  • The body was: Wound in linen for.
  • The Jews anxious to be interred in their family places of
  • The right of all nations

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