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  • Abraham tried by the command to offer Isaac as
  • Ashes of, collected at foot of the altar, and conveyed without the camp
  • Blood of, sprinkled round about upon the altar
  • Guilt of offering, except in the place appointed
  • Guilt of unauthorised persons offering
  • If a bird, the blood was wrung out at the side of the altar
  • Illustrative of: Devotedness to God.
  • Illustrative of: The offering of Christ.
  • Incapable of removing sin, and reconciling to God
  • Knowledge of God better than
  • Love of God better than
  • Obedience better than
  • Of human victims execrated
  • Of the wicked, not accepted by God
  • Offered by the Jews before the law
  • Skin of, given to the priests for clothing
  • Specially acceptable
  • The fat, &c of all peace offerings laid on, and consumed with the daily
  • The flock or herd.
  • The fowls.
  • The most ancient of all sacrifices
  • The most costly, no adequate tribute to God
  • To be offered only to the Lord
  • To be taken from: Burnt Offering, The
  • Was offered: After great mercies.
  • Was offered: At consecration of kings.
  • Was offered: At consecration of Levites.
  • Was offered: At consecration priests.
  • Was offered: At dedication of sacred places.
  • Was offered: At purification of women.
  • Was offered: Before going to war.
  • Was offered: Every morning and evening.
  • Was offered: Every sabbath day.
  • Was offered: For Nazarites after defilement, or at the end of their vow.
  • Was offered: For the healed leper.
  • Was offered: The day of atonement.
  • Was offered: The first day of every month.
  • Was offered: The seven days of unleavened bread.
  • Was offered: With sounds of trumpets at feasts.

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