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  • Banks of rivers favourable to the growth of
  • Considered the first of trees
  • Described as: Fragrant.
  • Described as: Graceful and beautiful.
  • Described as: High.
  • Described as: Spreading.
  • Described as: Strong and durable.
  • Destruction of, a punishment
  • Destruction of, exhibits God`s power
  • Extensive commerce in
  • Illustrative of: Arrogant rulers.
  • Illustrative of: Beauty and glory of israel.
  • Illustrative of: Majesty, strength, and glory of Christ.
  • Illustrative of: Powerful nations.
  • Illustrative of: Saints in their rapid growth.
  • Imported largely by Solomon
  • Lebanon celebrated for
  • Made to glorify God
  • Planted by God
  • The eagle alluded to as: Instrumental in propagating.
  • The eagle alluded to as: Making its nest in.
  • The eagle alluded to as: Perching on the high branches of.
  • Used in: Building palaces.
  • Used in: Building temples.
  • Used in: Making chariots.
  • Used in: Making idols.
  • Used in: Making masts of ships.
  • Used in: Making wardrobes.
  • Used in: Preparing the water of separation.
  • Used in: Purifying the leper.

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