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  • Bound with traces
  • Bounding motion of, referred to
  • Carriages for travelling, &c
  • Carriages used in war
  • Consecrated to the sun
  • Drawn by: Asses and camels.
  • Drawn by: Horses.
  • Drivers generally employed for
  • Elijah taken to heaven in one of fire
  • For war: Advantageously manoeuvred in a flat country.
  • For war: Armed with iron.
  • For war: Commanded by captains.
  • For war: Formed part of the line of battle.
  • For war: Kept in chariot cities.
  • For war: Lighted by night with torches.
  • For war: Used in pursuing enemies.
  • Illustrative of: Angels.
  • Illustrative of: Christ`s love to his church.
  • Illustrative of: Prophets.
  • Illustrative of: The clouds.
  • Illustrative of: The judgments of God.
  • Imported from Egypt
  • Introduced into Israel by David
  • Kings rode in, to battle
  • Kings used, in common
  • Multiplied by Solomon
  • Noise occasioned by, referred to
  • Often attended by running footmen
  • Persons of distinction used
  • Sometimes driven by the owners
  • Sometimes driven furiously
  • The Jews condemned for: Multiplying.
  • The Jews condemned for: Taken in war, often destroyed.
  • The Jews condemned for: Trusting to.
  • Used in war by the: Assyrians.
  • Used in war by the: Babylonians.
  • Used in war by the: Canaanites.
  • Used in war by the: Egyptians.
  • Used in war by the: Ethiopians.
  • Used in war by the: Jews.
  • Used in war by the: Philistines.
  • Used in war by the: Syrians.
  • Value of in Solomon`s time
  • Wheels of, described

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