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  • Amusements of
  • An heritage from the Lord
  • Anxiety of the Jews for
  • Are a gift from God
  • Are capable of glorifying God
  • Casting out of weak, &c alluded to
  • Christ was an example to
  • Circumcised on the eighth day
  • Could demand their portion during father`s life
  • Destruction of, a punishment
  • Female: Inherited property in default of sons.
  • Female: Taken care of by nurses.
  • Female: Usefully employed.
  • Fondness and care of mothers for
  • Frequently bore the curse of parents
  • Grief occasioned by loss of
  • Illegitimate: Despised by their brethren.
  • Illegitimate: Excluded from the congregation.
  • Illegitimate: Had no inheritance.
  • Illegitimate: Not cared for by the father.
  • Illegitimate: Sometimes sent away with gifts.
  • Inhuman practice of offering to idols
  • Male: Birth of, announced to the father by a messenger.
  • Male: If first born, belonged to God and were redeemed.
  • Male: Inherited the possessions of their father.
  • Male: Received the blessing of their father before his death.
  • Male: Under the care of tutors, till they came of age.
  • Male: Usefully employed.
  • Mode of giving public instruction to
  • Mostly nursed by the mothers
  • Named at circumcision
  • Not to have: A reproach in Israel.
  • Not to have: Considered an affliction.
  • Of God`s people, holy
  • Of God`s people, interested in the promises
  • Often given in answer to prayer
  • Often prayed for
  • Often wicked and rebellious
  • Power of parents over, during the patriarchal age
  • Prosperity of, greatly depended on obedience of parents
  • Rebellious, punished by the civil power
  • Resignation manifested at loss of
  • Should be: Brought early to the house of God.
  • Should be: Brought to Christ.
  • Should be: Instructed in the ways of God.
  • Should be: Judiciously trained.
  • Should: Attend to parental teaching.
  • Should: Fear God.
  • Should: Fear parents.
  • Should: Honour parents.
  • Should: Honour the aged.
  • Should: Not imitate bad parents.
  • Should: Obey God.
  • Should: Obey parents.
  • Should: Remember God.
  • Should: Take care of parents.
  • Sometimes devoted their property to avoid supporting parents
  • Treatment of, after birth, noticed
  • Weaning of, a time of joy and feasting
  • Were named: After relatives.
  • Were named: From circumstances connected with their birth.
  • Were named: From remarkable events.
  • Were named: Numerous, considered an especial blessing.
  • Were named: Often by God.
  • Were named: Often numerous.
  • Were named: Sometimes born when parents were old.
  • Were required: To attend to instruction.
  • Were required: To honour their parents.
  • Were required: To respect the aged.
  • Were required: To submit to discipline.

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