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  • A painful and bloody rite
  • A seal of the covenant
  • Abolished by the gospel
  • Accompanied with naming the child
  • Called the: Circumcision in the flesh.
  • Called the: Concision.
  • Called the: Covenant of circumcision.
  • Described
  • Enforced by the law
  • First performed on Abraham and his family
  • Illustrative of: Purity of heart.
  • Illustrative of: Purity of speech.
  • Illustrative of: Readiness to hear and obey.
  • Instituted by God
  • Introductory Jewish ordinances
  • Inward grace
  • Necessary to enjoying the privileges of the Jewish State
  • Necessity of, asserted by false teachers
  • Necessity of, denied by Paul
  • Not performed in the wilderness
  • Outward sign of
  • Paul denounced for opposing
  • Performed by Joshua at Gilgal
  • Performed on Timothy as a matter or expediency because of the Jews
  • Promises to Abraham previous to
  • Punishment for neglecting
  • Saints the true spiritual
  • Sometimes performed on slain enemies
  • The Jews: Denominated by.
  • The Jews: Despised as unclean those not of the.
  • The Jews: Held it unlawful to intermarry with those not of the.
  • The Jews: Held no intercourse with those not of the.
  • Trusting to, a denial of Christ
  • Was performed: By persons in authority.
  • Was performed: By the heads of families.
  • Was performed: Even on the sabbath day.
  • Was performed: In the presence of the family, &c.
  • Was performed: On males home-born and bought.
  • Was performed: On the eighth day.
  • Was performed: With knives of flint.
  • Without faith, vain
  • Without obedience, vain

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