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  • A great defence to a country
  • Afforded refuge in times of danger
  • Arranged in streets and lanes
  • Artificial mode of supplying water to
  • Built: Beside rivers.
  • Built: In desert places.
  • Built: In plains.
  • Built: In pleasant situations.
  • Built: Of brick and mortar.
  • Built: Of brick and slime.
  • Built: Of stone and wood.
  • Built: Often of a square form.
  • Built: On hills.
  • Built: On solid foundations.
  • Built: With compactness.
  • Densely inhabited
  • Designed for habitations
  • Different kinds of: Chariot.
  • Different kinds of: Commercial.
  • Different kinds of: Fenced.
  • Different kinds of: Levitical.
  • Different kinds of: Refuge.
  • Different kinds of: Royal.
  • Different kinds of: Store.
  • Different kinds of: Treasure.
  • Difficulty of taking, alluded to
  • Entered through gates
  • First mention of
  • Furnished with stores
  • Garrisoned in war
  • Illustrative of: Church triumphant.
  • Illustrative of: Heavenly inheritance.
  • Illustrative of: Riches.
  • Illustrative of: Saints.
  • Illustrative of: The apostasy.
  • Illustrative of: Visible church.
  • Infested by dogs
  • Inhabitants of, called citizens
  • Numerous
  • Often built to perpetuate a name
  • Often deserted on the approach of an enemy
  • Often fortified by art
  • Often fortified by nature
  • Often founded and enlarged by blood and rapine
  • Often great and goodly
  • Often had citadels
  • Often insignificant
  • Often of great antiquity
  • Perishable nature of
  • Prosperity of, increased by commerce
  • Protected at night by watchmen
  • Provided with judges
  • Sometimes had suburbs
  • Surrounded with walls
  • Under governors
  • Were called for: The country in which built.
  • Were called for: The family of the founder.
  • Were called for: The proprietor of the land.
  • Were frequently: Besieged.
  • Were frequently: Burned.
  • Were frequently: Depopulated.
  • Were frequently: Made heaps of ruins.
  • Were frequently: Pillaged.
  • Were frequently: Razed and sown with salt.
  • Were frequently: Stormed.
  • Were frequently: Wasted by famine.
  • Were frequently: Wasted by pestilence.

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