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  • Called: Cloud of the Lord.
  • Called: Cloudy pillar.
  • Called: Pillar of cloud and pillar of fire.
  • Called: The cloud.
  • Called: The presence of God.
  • Continued during the journeyings of Israel
  • First manifestation of
  • God came down in
  • God spoke from
  • God`s glory manifested in
  • Illustrative of: The glory of Christ.
  • Illustrative of: The protection of the church.
  • Manifested in the temple of Solomon
  • Our Lord shall make his second appearance in
  • Special appearances of:At Christ`s ascension.
  • Special appearances of:At Christ`s transfiguration.
  • Special appearances of:At giving of the law.
  • Special appearances of:At sedition of Aaron and Miriam.
  • Special appearances of:At the murmuring for bread.
  • Special appearances of:At the murmuring of Israel on account of Korah`s death.
  • Special appearances of:At the murmuring of Israel on the report of the spies.
  • Special appearances of:At the rebellion of Korah &c.
  • Was dark to the enemies of Israel
  • Was designed to: Cover the tabernacle.
  • Was designed to: Defend Israel.
  • Was designed to: Guide Israel.
  • Was designed to: Regulate the movements of Israel.
  • Was designed to: Show light to Israel.
  • Was the Shekinah over the mercy-seat

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