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  • Are garment of the sea
  • Called the: Bottles of heaven.
  • Called the: Chambers of God.
  • Called the: Clouds of heaven.
  • Called the: Dust of God`s feet.
  • Called the: Waters above the firmament.
  • Called the: Windows of heaven.
  • Different kinds of, mentioned: Black.
  • Different kinds of, mentioned: Bright.
  • Different kinds of, mentioned: Great.
  • Different kinds of, mentioned: Small.
  • Different kinds of, mentioned: Swift.
  • Different kinds of, mentioned: Thick.
  • Different kinds of, mentioned: White.
  • Formed from the sea
  • Frequently the instrument of God`s judgments
  • From the west, bring rain
  • God: Balanced in the air.
  • God: Binds up.
  • God: Brings over the earth.
  • God: Disposed in order.
  • God: Established.
  • God: Scatters.
  • God: Spreads out.
  • Illustrative: (A morning without,) of wise rulers.
  • Illustrative: (Carried away by a tempest,) of false teachers.
  • Illustrative: (Passing away,) of the goodness and prosperity of hypocrites.
  • Illustrative: (Riding upon,) of the power and greatness of God.
  • Illustrative: (When seasonable,) of the favour of good rulers.
  • Illustrative: (Without rain,) of the fraudulent.
  • Illustrative: (Without water,) of false teachers.
  • Illustrative: Of hostile armies.
  • Illustrative: Of judgments of God.
  • Illustrative: Of multitudes of persons.
  • Illustrative: Of sins of men.
  • Illustrative: Of unsearchableness of God.
  • Made for the glory of God
  • Man: Cannot cause to rain.
  • Man: Cannot number.
  • Man: Cannot stay.
  • Man: Ignorant of the balancing of.
  • Man: Ignorant of the disposing of.
  • Man: Ignorant of the spreading of.
  • Often cover the heavens
  • Often dispersed by the wind
  • Often obscure the sun, &c
  • Power and wisdom of God exhibited in condensing
  • Power and wisdom of God exhibited in forming
  • The rainbow appears in
  • Though small, often bring much rain
  • Thunder and lightning come from
  • Uses of: To give rain.
  • Uses of: To moderate heat.
  • Uses of: To supply dew.

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