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  • Articles of, called: Merchandise.
  • Articles of, called: Wares.
  • Articles of: Blue cloth.
  • Articles of: Brass.
  • Articles of: Cattle.
  • Articles of: Chariots.
  • Articles of: Chests of rich apparel.
  • Articles of: Clothes for chariots.
  • Articles of: Corn.
  • Articles of: Embroidery.
  • Articles of: Gold.
  • Articles of: Honey.
  • Articles of: Horses.
  • Articles of: Iron and steel.
  • Articles of: Ivory.
  • Articles of: Land.
  • Articles of: Lead.
  • Articles of: Linen.
  • Articles of: Oil.
  • Articles of: Perfumes.
  • Articles of: Precious stones.
  • Articles of: Purple.
  • Articles of: Silver.
  • Articles of: Slaves.
  • Articles of: Timber.
  • Articles of: Tin.
  • Articles of: White wool.
  • Articles of: Wine.
  • Called: Buying and selling.
  • Called: Trade.
  • Called: Traffic.
  • Carried on by: Egyptians.
  • Carried on by: Ethiopians.
  • Carried on by: Ishmaelites.
  • Carried on by: Jews.
  • Carried on by: Ninevites.
  • Carried on by: People of Tarshish.
  • Carried on by: People of Tyre.
  • Carried on by: Syrians.
  • Carried on in fairs, &c
  • Denunciations connected with abuses of
  • Evil practices connected with
  • Illustrative of intercourse with the apostasy
  • Increased the wealth of nations and individuals
  • Inland, by caravans
  • Maritime, by ships
  • Of the Jews: Checked in Jehoshaphat`s time.
  • Of the Jews: Commenced after their settlement in Canaan.
  • Of the Jews: Greatly extended by Solomon.
  • Of the Jews: Under strict laws.
  • Persons engaged in, called: Chapmen.
  • Persons engaged in, called: Merchants.
  • Persons engaged in, called: Sellers and buyers.
  • Persons engaged in, called: Traffickers.
  • Persons of distinction engaged in
  • Success in, led to pride, &c
  • The barter of one commodity for another
  • The exchange of commodities for money

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