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  • Agreements between two parties
  • Conditions of: Clearly specified.
  • Conditions of: Conformed by oath.
  • Conditions of: Witnessed.
  • Conditions of: Written and sealed.
  • Designed for: Establishing friendship.
  • Designed for: Establishing peace.
  • Designed for: Mutual protection.
  • Designed for: Procuring assistance in war.
  • Designed for: Promoting commerce.
  • Designed for: Selling land.
  • Followed by a feast
  • God often called to witness
  • Illustrative: (With death and hell,) of carnal security.
  • Illustrative: (With stones and beasts, of the earth,) of peace and prosperity.
  • Illustrative: Of God`s promises to man.
  • Illustrative: Of good resolutions.
  • Illustrative: Of the contract of marriage.
  • Illustrative: Of the united determination of a people to serve God.
  • Made by passing between the pieces of the divided sacrifices
  • Names given to places where made
  • Pillars raised in token of
  • Presents given as tokens
  • Ratified by joining hands
  • Salt a sign of perpetuity in
  • The Jews: Condemned for making, with idolatrous nations.
  • The Jews: Forbidden to make, with the nations of Canaan.
  • The Jews: Frequently made with other nations.
  • The Jews: Regarded, as sacred.
  • Violated by the wicked
  • When confirmed, unalterable

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