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  • Called the: Flood.
  • Called the: Waters of Noah.
  • Came suddenly and unexpectedly
  • Causes of its abatement
  • Complete destruction of whole earth effected by
  • Date of its commencement
  • Date of its complete removal
  • Decrease of gradual
  • Entire face of the earth changed by
  • Extreme height of
  • Illustrative: (Unexpectedness of,) of suddenness of Christ`s coming.
  • Illustrative: Of baptism.
  • Illustrative: Of the destruction of sinners.
  • Increased gradually
  • Long-suffering of God exhibited in deferring
  • Noah forewarned of
  • Noah, &c, saved from
  • Produced by: Forty days` incessant rain.
  • Produced by: Opening up of the fountains of the great deep.
  • Sent as a punishment for the extreme wickedness of man
  • That it shall never again occur: A pledge of God`s faithfulness.
  • That it shall never again occur: Confirmed by covenant.
  • That it shall never again occur: Promised.
  • That it shall never again occur: The rainbow a token.
  • The wicked warned of
  • Time of its increase and prevailing
  • Traditional notice of

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