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  • Assumes the form of an angel of light
  • Cast down to hell
  • Cast out of heaven
  • Character of: Cowardly.
  • Character of: Deceitful.
  • Character of: Fierce and cruel.
  • Character of: Malignant.
  • Character of: Powerful.
  • Character of: Presumptuous.
  • Character of: Proud.
  • Character of: Subtle.
  • Character of: Wicked.
  • Compared to: A fowler.
  • Compared to: A roaring lion.
  • Compared to: A serpent.
  • Compared to: A sower of tares.
  • Compared to: A wolf.
  • Compared to: Fowls.
  • Everlasting fire is prepared for
  • Hinders the gospel
  • Opposes God`s work
  • Perverts the Scripture
  • Saints: Afflicted by, only as God permits.
  • Saints: Overcome.
  • Saints: Shall finally triumph over.
  • Saints: Should be armed against.
  • Saints: Should be watchful against.
  • Saints: Should resist.
  • Saints: Sifted by.
  • Saints: Tempted by.
  • Shall be condemned at the judgment
  • Sinned against God
  • Tempted Christ
  • The Apostasy is of
  • The author of the fall
  • The wicked: Are the children of.
  • The wicked: Blinded by.
  • The wicked: Deceived by.
  • The wicked: Do the lusts of.
  • The wicked: Ensnared by.
  • The wicked: Possessed by.
  • The wicked: Punished, together with.
  • The wicked: Troubled by.
  • The wicked: Turn aside after.
  • Triumph over, by Christ: Completed by his death.
  • Triumph over, by Christ: Illustrated.
  • Triumph over, by Christ: In casting out the spirits of.
  • Triumph over, by Christ: In destroying the works of.
  • Triumph over, by Christ: In empowering his disciples to cast out.
  • Triumph over, by Christ: In resisting his temptations.
  • Triumph over, by Christ: Predicted.
  • Works lying wonders

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