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  • A system of fraud
  • All who practised it, abominable
  • An abominable practice
  • Could not injure the Lord`s people
  • Effected through: A lucrative employment.
  • Effected through: Books of, numerous and expensive.
  • Effected through: Connected with idolatry.
  • Effected through: Cups.
  • Effected through: Dreams.
  • Effected through: Enchantments.
  • Effected through: Inspecting the inside of beasts.
  • Effected through: Observing heavenly bodies.
  • Effected through: Observing times.
  • Effected through: Raising the dead.
  • Effected through: Rods.
  • Effected through: Sorcery.
  • Effected through: The flight of arrows.
  • Frustrated by God
  • Practised by: Astrologers.
  • Practised by: Charmers.
  • Practised by: Consulters of familiar spirits.
  • Practised by: Diviners.
  • Practised by: Enchanters.
  • Practised by: False prophets.
  • Practised by: Magicians.
  • Practised by: Necromancers.
  • Practised by: Soothsayers.
  • Practised by: Sorcerers.
  • Practised by: Witches.
  • Practised by: Wizards.
  • The Jews prone to
  • The law: Forbade seeking to.
  • The law: Forbade to the Israelites the practice of.
  • The law: Punished those who sought to.
  • The law: Punished with death those who used.
  • Those who practised: Consulted in difficulties.
  • Those who practised: Regarded as wise men.
  • Those who practised: Regarded with awe.
  • Those who practised: Used mysterious words and gestures.

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