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  • Afterwards had kings
  • Aided Babylon against Judah
  • Carried on extensive commerce
  • Character of: Idolatrous.
  • Character of: Proud and self-confident.
  • Character of: Strong and cruel.
  • Character of: Superstitious.
  • Character of: Vindictive.
  • Character of: Wise.
  • Cities of: Avith.
  • Cities of: Bozrah.
  • Cities of: Dinhabah or Dedan.
  • Cities of: Eziongeber, a sea port.
  • Cities of: Pau.
  • Cities of: Teman.
  • Confederated with enemies of Israel against Jehoshaphat
  • Country of: Called Dumah.
  • Country of: Called Edom.
  • Country of: Called Idumea.
  • Country of: Called Mount of Esau.
  • Country of: Called Mount Seir.
  • Country of: Fertile and rich.
  • Country of: Mountainous and rocky.
  • Country of: Specially given to them.
  • Country of: Traversed by roads.
  • Country of: Well fortified.
  • David subdued, &c
  • Descended from Esau
  • Dwelt in Mount Seir
  • Governed by dukes
  • Implacable enemies of Israel
  • Israel forbidden to hate
  • Israel forbidden to spoil
  • Might be received into the congregation in third generation
  • Miraculous overthrow of
  • Predictions respecting: Exterminating slaughter of.
  • Predictions respecting: Israel an instrument of their punishment.
  • Predictions respecting: Israel`s occupation of their country.
  • Predictions respecting: Punishment for persecuting Israel.
  • Predictions respecting: Revolt from Israel.
  • Predictions respecting: Subjection to Israel.
  • Predictions respecting: The king of Babylon an instrument of their punishment.
  • Predictions respecting: Their future subjection to the Jews.
  • Predictions respecting: Their ruin to be an astonishment.
  • Predictions respecting: To share in the punishment of the nations.
  • Predictions respecting: Utter desolation of their country.
  • Re-conquered by Amaziah
  • Rebelled against Ahaz
  • Refused Israel a passage
  • Remarkable persons of: Doeg.
  • Remarkable persons of: Eliphaz.
  • Remarkable persons of: Hadad.
  • Returned after David`s death
  • Revolted from Joram, king of Judah
  • Saul made war against
  • Slaughter of, by Joab and Abishai
  • The Jews ensnared by the idols of, and punished
  • Took refuge in Egypt
  • Under a deputy or viceroy while subject to Judah
  • Were called: Brethren of Israel.
  • Were called: Children of Esau.
  • Were stirred up against Solomon

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