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  • A choice portion reserved in, for principal guests
  • Anxiety to have many guests at, alluded to
  • Began with thanksgiving
  • Concluded with a hymn
  • Custom of presenting the sop at, to one of the guests, alluded to
  • Forwardness to take chief seats at, condemned
  • Given by the guests in return
  • Given on occasions of: Birthdays.
  • Given on occasions of: Coronation of Kings.
  • Given on occasions of: Festivals.
  • Given on occasions of: Harvest home.
  • Given on occasions of: Marriage.
  • Given on occasions of: National deliverance.
  • Given on occasions of: Offering voluntary sacrifice.
  • Given on occasions of: Ratifying covenants.
  • Given on occasions of: Return of friends.
  • Given on occasions of: Sheep-shearing.
  • Given on occasions of: Taking leave of friends.
  • Given on occasions of: Vintage.
  • Given on occasions of: Weaning children.
  • Guests at: Arranged according to rank.
  • Guests at: Had their feet washed when they came a distance.
  • Guests at: Often ate from the same dish.
  • Guests at: Often had separate dishes.
  • Guests at: Saluted by the master.
  • Guests at: Usually anointed.
  • Invitations to: Often addressed to many.
  • Invitations to: Often by the master in person.
  • Invitations to: Often only to relatives and friends.
  • Invitations to: Repeated through servants when all things were ready.
  • Invitations to: Should be sent to the poor, &c.
  • Kinds of, mentioned in scripture: Banquet of wine.
  • Kinds of, mentioned in scripture: Dinner.
  • Kinds of, mentioned in scripture: Supper.
  • Men and women did not usually meet at
  • Music and dancing often introduced at
  • None admitted to, after the master had risen and shut the door
  • None asked to eat or drink more than he liked at
  • Offence given by refusing to go to
  • Often given in: The air, besides fountains.
  • Often given in: The court of the house.
  • Often given in: The house.
  • Often given in: The upper room or guest chamber.
  • Often great
  • Often scenes of great intemperance
  • Portions of, often sent to the absent
  • Preparations made for
  • Served often by hired servants
  • Served often by members of the family
  • Under the direction of a master of the feast

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