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  • Assisted: Deborah and Barak against Sisera.
  • Assisted: Gideon against Midian.
  • Assisted: Manasseh in taking Bethel.
  • Bounds of its inheritance
  • Could not drive out the Canaanites but made them tributary
  • Defeated and many slain
  • Descended from Joseph`s second son adopted by Jacob
  • Encamped west of the tabernacle
  • Families of
  • Led the third division of Israel
  • Many of, joined in Hezekiah`s passover and reformation
  • Many of, joined Judah under Asa
  • Offering of, at the dedication
  • Officers appointed over, by David
  • On Gerizim, said amen to blessings
  • One of Jeroboam`s calves set up in Bethel, a city of
  • Persons selected from: To divide the land.
  • Persons selected from: To number the people.
  • Persons selected from: To spy out the land.
  • Predictions respecting
  • Quarrelled with Jephthah for not seeking their aid against Ammon
  • Remarkable persons of: Abdon.
  • Remarkable persons of: Joshua.
  • Remarkable persons of: Zichri.
  • Remonstrated with Gideon for not calling them sooner against Midian
  • Some of, at coronation of David
  • Strength of, on entering Canaan
  • Strength of, on leaving Egypt
  • The leading tribe of the kingdom of Israel
  • The tabernacle continued a long time in Shiloh, a city of

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