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  • Accompanied by: Confession of sin.
  • Accompanied by: Humiliation.
  • Accompanied by: Mourning.
  • Accompanied by: Prayer.
  • Extraordinary Exemplified: Elijah.
  • Extraordinary Exemplified: Moses.
  • Extraordinary Exemplified: Our Lord.
  • For the chastening of the soul
  • For the humbling of the soul
  • National Exemplified: Israel.
  • National Exemplified: Men of Jabesh-gilead.
  • National Exemplified: Ninevites.
  • Not to be made a subject of display
  • Observed on occasions of: Afflictions of others.
  • Observed on occasions of: Afflictions of the Church.
  • Observed on occasions of: Approaching danger.
  • Observed on occasions of: Judgments of God.
  • Observed on occasions of: Ordination of ministers.
  • Observed on occasions of: Private afflictions.
  • Observed on occasions of: Public calamities.
  • Of hypocrites: Boasted of, before God.
  • Of hypocrites: Described.
  • Of hypocrites: Ostentatious.
  • Of hypocrites: Rejected.
  • Of Saints Exemplified: Anna.
  • Of Saints Exemplified: Apostles.
  • Of Saints Exemplified: Christians.
  • Of Saints Exemplified: Cornelius.
  • Of Saints Exemplified: Daniel.
  • Of Saints Exemplified: David.
  • Of Saints Exemplified: Disciples of John.
  • Of Saints Exemplified: Esther.
  • Of Saints Exemplified: Nehemiah.
  • Of Saints Exemplified: Paul.
  • Of the wicked-Exemplified: Ahab.
  • Of the wicked-Exemplified: Elders of Jezreel.
  • Of the wicked-Exemplified: Pharisees.
  • Promises connected with
  • Should be to God
  • Spirit of, explained

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