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  Feasts, the Anniversary

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  • All males to attend
  • Called: Appointed feasts.
  • Called: Feasts of the Lord.
  • Called: Solemn feasts.
  • Called: Solemn meetings.
  • Children commenced attending, when twelve years old
  • Enumerated
  • Females often attended
  • Instituted by God
  • Offerings to made at
  • The dangers and difficulties encountered in going up to, alluded to
  • The Jews attended gladly
  • The Jews went up to, in large companies
  • The land divinely protected during
  • Were a time of thankfulness
  • Were seasons of: Christ attended.
  • Were seasons of: Entertainments.
  • Were seasons of: Illustrative of general assembly of the church.
  • Were seasons of: Joy and gladness.
  • Were seasons of: Rendered unavailing by the impiety of the Jews.
  • Were seasons of: Sacrificing.
  • Were seasons of: The Jews dispersed in distant parts often attended.
  • Were seasons of: The ten tribes seduced by Jeroboam from attending.

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