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  • Condemnation expressed by shaking the dust from
  • Early use of shoes
  • Illustrative: (Dipped in blood,) of victory.
  • Illustrative: (Set in a large place,) of liberty.
  • Illustrative: (Set on a rock,) of stability.
  • Illustrative: (Sliding,) of yielding to temptation.
  • Illustrative: (Treading under,) of complete destruction.
  • Illustrative: (Washed or dipped in oil,) of abundance.
  • Necessary members of the body
  • Neglect of washing, disrespectful to guest
  • Of criminals: Bound with fetters.
  • Of criminals: Placed in stocks.
  • Of enemies often maimed and cut off
  • Of saints: At liberty.
  • Of saints: Established by God.
  • Of saints: Guided by Christ.
  • Of saints: Kept by God.
  • Of strangers and travellers washed
  • Of the Jews: Bare in affliction.
  • Of the Jews: Neglected in affliction.
  • Of the Jews: Washed frequently.
  • Of the wicked: Ensnared.
  • Of the wicked: Swift to mischief.
  • Of the wicked: Swift to shed blood.
  • Of women often adorned with tingling ornaments
  • Often swift
  • Origin of uncovering in consecrated places
  • Parts of, mentioned in scripture: Heel.
  • Parts of, mentioned in scripture: Sole.
  • Parts of, mentioned in scripture: Toes.
  • Path of, to be pondered
  • Respect exhibited by falling at
  • Reverence expressed by kissing
  • Sleep expressed by covering
  • Stamped on the ground in extreme joy or grief
  • Subjection expressed by licking the dust of
  • Subjugation of enemies expressed by placing on their necks
  • To be directed by God`s word
  • To be guided by wisdom and discretion
  • To be refrained from evil
  • To be turned to God`s testimonies
  • Washing for others, a menial office
  • Were liable to: Disease.
  • Were liable to: Injury from stones, &c.
  • Were liable to: Swelling from walking.

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