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  • Can be increased in intensity
  • Characterised as: Bright.
  • Characterised as: Consuming.
  • Characterised as: Drying.
  • Characterised as: Enlightening.
  • Characterised as: Heating.
  • Characterised as: Insatiable.
  • Characterised as: Melting.
  • Characterised as: Purifying.
  • Characterised as: Spreading.
  • Christ shall appear in
  • Frequently employed as an instrument of divine vengeance
  • God appeared in
  • Illustrative of: Affliction.
  • Illustrative of: Christ as judge.
  • Illustrative of: God`s enemies.
  • Illustrative of: God`s protection.
  • Illustrative of: God`s vengeance.
  • Illustrative of: Judgments.
  • Illustrative of: Lust.
  • Illustrative of: Persecution.
  • Illustrative of: The church destroying her enemies.
  • Illustrative of: The Holy Spirit.
  • Illustrative of: The hope of hypocrites.
  • Illustrative of: The self-righteous.
  • Illustrative of: The tongue.
  • Illustrative of: The word of God.
  • Illustrative of: Wickedness.
  • Illustrative of: Zeal of angels.
  • Illustrative of: Zeal of saints.
  • In houses: Lighted in spring mornings.
  • In houses: Lighted in the winter.
  • In houses: Made of charcoal.
  • In houses: Made of wood.
  • In houses: Not to be lighted on the Sabbath.
  • Injury from, to be made good by the person who kindled it
  • Kept alive by fuel
  • Miraculous: Angel ascended in.
  • Miraculous: Consumed the company of Korah.
  • Miraculous: Consumed the sacrifice of Elijah.
  • Miraculous: Consumed the sacrifice of Gideon.
  • Miraculous: Destroyed Nadab and Abihu.
  • Miraculous: Destroyed the enemies of Elijah.
  • Miraculous: Destroyed the people at Taberah.
  • Miraculous: Elijah taken up in a chariot of.
  • Miraculous: In the burning bush.
  • Miraculous: Led the people of Israel in the desert.
  • Miraculous: On Mount Sinai at giving of law.
  • Miraculous: Plagued the Egyptians.
  • Punishment of the wicked shall be in
  • Sacred: All burn offerings consumed by.
  • Sacred: Always burning on the altar.
  • Sacred: Came from before the Lord.
  • Sacred: Guilt of burning incense without.
  • Sacred: Incense burned with.
  • Sacred: Restored to the temple.
  • Things connected with: Ashes.
  • Things connected with: Burning coals.
  • Things connected with: Flame.
  • Things connected with: Smoke.
  • Things connected with: Sparks.
  • Though small, kindles a great matter

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