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  • Dedicated to commemorate the sparing of the first born of Israel
  • Illustrative of: The dignity, &c of Christ.
  • Illustrative of: The dignity, &c of the church.
  • Instances of superseded: Aaron.
  • Instances of superseded: Adonijah.
  • Instances of superseded: Cain.
  • Instances of superseded: David`s brothers.
  • Instances of superseded: Esau.
  • Instances of superseded: Ishmael.
  • Instances of superseded: Japheth.
  • Instances of superseded: Manasseh.
  • Instances of superseded: Reuben, &c.
  • Laws respecting, observed at Christ`s birth
  • Laws respecting, restored after the captivity
  • Objects of special love
  • Of clean beasts: Antiquity of offering.
  • Of clean beasts: Could not be a free-will offering.
  • Of clean beasts: Flesh of, the priest`s portion.
  • Of clean beasts: Law of redemption for.
  • Of clean beasts: Not shorn.
  • Of clean beasts: Not taken from the dam for seven days.
  • Of clean beasts: Not to labour.
  • Of clean beasts: Offered in sacrifice.
  • Of clean beasts: To be redeemed.
  • Of Israel: Price of redemption for.
  • Of Israel: Price of, given to the priests.
  • Of Israel: To be redeemed.
  • Of Israel: Tribe of Levi taken for.
  • Of man and beast dedicated to God
  • Of the ass to be redeemed with lamb or its neck broken
  • Precious and valuable
  • Privileges of: A double portion of inheritance.
  • Privileges of: Authority over the younger children.
  • Privileges of: Could be forfeited by misconduct.
  • Privileges of: Could be sold.
  • Privileges of: In case of death the next brother to raise up seed to.
  • Privileges of: Not to be alienated by parents through caprice.
  • Privileges of: Precedence in the family.
  • Privileges of: Special blessing by the father.
  • Privileges of: The father`s title and power.
  • The beginning of strength and excellency of power

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