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  • Cannot live without water
  • Catching of, a trade
  • Created by God
  • Different in flesh from beasts &c
  • Distinction between clean and unclean
  • Illustrative: (Bad,) of mere professors.
  • Illustrative: (Good,) of saints.
  • Illustrative: Of men ignorant of future events.
  • Illustrative: Of the visible church.
  • Illustrative: Of the whole population of Egypt.
  • Illustrative: Of those ensnared by the wicked.
  • Inhabit: Ponds.
  • Inhabit: Rivers.
  • Inhabit: Seas.
  • Made for God`s glory
  • Man given dominion over
  • Man permitted to eat
  • Mentioned in scripture: Leviathan.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Whale.
  • Miracles connected with: Dressed on the shore.
  • Miracles connected with: Immense draughts of.
  • Miracles connected with: Multiplying a few.
  • Miracles connected with: Procuring tribute money from.
  • Mode of cooking alluded to
  • No likeness of, to be made for worship
  • Number and variety of
  • Sold near the fish gate at Jerusalem
  • Solomon wrote the history of
  • Taken with: Hooks.
  • Taken with: Nets.
  • Taken with: Often suffered for man`s sin.
  • Taken with: Spears.
  • The people of Tyre traded in
  • Used as food: By the Egyptians.
  • Used as food: By the Jews.

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