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  • Called: Clothes.
  • Called: Clothing.
  • Called: Raiment.
  • Called: Vesture.
  • Cleansed by water from ceremonial uncleanness
  • Colours of, mentioned: Blue.
  • Colours of, mentioned: Different colours.
  • Colours of, mentioned: Purple.
  • Colours of, mentioned: Scarlet.
  • Colours of, mentioned: White.
  • Girt up during employment
  • Given as a token of covenants
  • Given as presents
  • Grew old and wore out
  • Illustrative: (Rolled in blood,) of victory.
  • Illustrative: (Washed in wine,) of abundance.
  • Illustrative: (White,) of righteousness.
  • Liable to plague and leprosy
  • Materials used for: Camel`s hair.
  • Materials used for: Linen.
  • Materials used for: Sackcloth.
  • Materials used for: Silk.
  • Materials used for: Skins.
  • Materials used for: Wool.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Bonnet or hat.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Burnouse or cloak.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Girdle.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Hyke or upper garment.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Shoe or sandal.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Tunic or coat.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Vail.
  • Not to be made of mixed materials
  • Of Israel preserved for forty years
  • Of the poor: Not to be retained in pledge.
  • Of the poor: Provided specially by God.
  • Of the poor: Used as a covering by night.
  • Of the poor: Vile.
  • Of the rich: Embroidered.
  • Of the rich: Gay.
  • Of the rich: Gorgeous.
  • Of the rich: Multiplied and heaped up.
  • Of the rich: Of the finest materials.
  • Of the rich: Often moth-eaten.
  • Of the rich: Perfumed.
  • Of the sexes, not to be interchanged
  • Of those slain with a sword not used
  • Often rent in affliction
  • Origin of
  • Scribes and Pharisees condemned for making broad the borders of
  • Were often changed
  • Were often fringed and bordered
  • Worn long and flowing

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