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  • Carcase of sin-offering burned without
  • Criminals generally punished without
  • Design of
  • Fastened with bars of iron
  • Illustrative: (Of heaven,) of access to God.
  • Illustrative: (Of hell,) of Satan`s power.
  • Illustrative: (Of the grave,) of death.
  • Illustrative: (Strait,) of the entrance to life.
  • Illustrative: (Wide,) of the entrance to ruin.
  • Illustrative: Of Christ.
  • Made of: Brass.
  • Made of: Iron.
  • Made to: Camps.
  • Made to: Cities.
  • Made to: Houses.
  • Made to: Palaces.
  • Made to: Prisons.
  • Made to: Rivers.
  • Made to: Temples.
  • Of cities: Battering rams used against.
  • Of cities: Chief places of concourse.
  • Of cities: Chief points of attack in war.
  • Of cities: Conferences held at.
  • Of cities: Councils of state held at.
  • Of cities: Courts of justice held at.
  • Of cities: Criminals punished at.
  • Of cities: Custom of sitting at, in the evening, alluded to.
  • Of cities: Experienced officers placed over.
  • Of cities: Idolatrous rites performed at.
  • Of cities: Land redeemed at.
  • Of cities: Land sold at.
  • Of cities: Markets held at.
  • Of cities: Often razed and burned.
  • Of cities: Proclamations made at.
  • Of cities: Public censure passed at.
  • Of cities: Public commendation given at.
  • Of cities: Shut at night-fall.
  • Of cities: Troops reviewed at, going to war.
  • Of Jerusalem: Corner gate.
  • Of Jerusalem: Dung gate.
  • Of Jerusalem: Fish gate.
  • Of Jerusalem: Gate of Ephraim.
  • Of Jerusalem: Gate of Miphkad.
  • Of Jerusalem: Gate of the fountain.
  • Of Jerusalem: High gate of Benjamin.
  • Of Jerusalem: Horse gate.
  • Of Jerusalem: Old gate.
  • Of Jerusalem: Sheep gate.
  • Of Jerusalem: Valley gate.
  • Of Jerusalem: Water gate.
  • Of the temple: Called gates of righteousness.
  • Of the temple: Called gates of the Lord.
  • Of the temple: Called gates of Zion.
  • Of the temple: Charge of, given by lot.
  • Of the temple: Frequented by beggars.
  • Of the temple: Levites the porters of.
  • Of the temple: One specially beautiful.
  • Of the temple: Overlaid with gold.
  • Of the temple: The pious Israelites delighted to enter.
  • Of the temple: The treasury placed at.
  • Often two-leaved

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