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  • Called: Greeks.
  • Called: Heathen.
  • Called: Nations.
  • Called: Strangers.
  • Called: Uncircumcised.
  • Called: Uncircumcision.
  • Characterised as: Blasphemous and reproachful.
  • Characterised as: Constant to their false gods.
  • Characterised as: Depraved and wicked.
  • Characterised as: Idolatrous.
  • Characterised as: Ignorant of God.
  • Characterised as: Refusing to know God.
  • Characterised as: Superstitious.
  • Characterised as: Without the law.
  • Chastised by God
  • Christ given as a light to
  • Comprehend all nations except the Jews
  • Conversion of, predicted
  • Counsel of, brought to nought
  • Excluded from Israel`s privileges
  • First general introduction of the gospel to
  • First special introduction of the gospel to
  • Given to Christ as His inheritance
  • Hated and despised the Jews
  • Israel rejected till the fulness of
  • Jerusalem trodden down by, &c
  • Not allowed to enter the temple
  • Often ravaged and defiled the holy land and sanctuary
  • Outer court of temple for
  • Paul the apostle of
  • Ruled by God
  • The gospel not to be preached to, till preached to the Jews
  • The Jews: Despised, as if dogs.
  • The Jews: Dispersed amongst.
  • The Jews: Never associated with.
  • The Jews: Not to follow the ways of.
  • The Jews: Not to intermarry with.
  • The Jews: Often corrupted by.
  • The Jews: Permitted to have, as servants.
  • United with the Jews against Christ

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