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  • Accomplished by: Bringing forth fruits of righteousness.
  • Accomplished by: Confessing Christ.
  • Accomplished by: Doing all to him.
  • Accomplished by: Dying for him.
  • Accomplished by: Faithfulness.
  • Accomplished by: Glorifying Christ.
  • Accomplished by: Patience in affliction.
  • Accomplished by: Praising him.
  • Accomplished by: Relying on his promises.
  • Accomplished by: Suffering for Christ.
  • All the blessings of God are designed to lead to
  • All, by nature, fail in
  • Christ, an example of
  • Commanded
  • Due to him
  • Exemplified: Abraham.
  • Exemplified: Angels.
  • Exemplified: Blind man.
  • Exemplified: Centurion.
  • Exemplified: David.
  • Exemplified: Gentiles at Antioch.
  • Exemplified: Leper.
  • Exemplified: Man sick of the palsy.
  • Exemplified: Paul.
  • Exemplified: Shepherds.
  • Exemplified: The Church at Jerusalem.
  • Exemplified: The Multitude.
  • Exemplified: The Virgin Mary.
  • Exemplified: Woman with infirmity.
  • For his: Deliverance.
  • For his: Faithfulness and truth.
  • For his: Grace to others.
  • For his: Holiness.
  • For his: Judgments.
  • For his: Mercy and truth.
  • For his: Wondrous works.
  • Heavenly host engaged in
  • Is acceptable through Christ
  • Obligation of saints to
  • Punishment for not
  • Required in body and spirit
  • Saints should: Persevere in.
  • Saints should: Resolve on.
  • Saints should: Unite in.
  • Shall be universal
  • The holy example of saints may lead others to
  • The wicked averse to

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