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  • Bashan celebrated for
  • Clean and fit for food
  • First-born of, not redeemed
  • Flocks of, always led by a male
  • Illustrative: (Flock of,) of the church.
  • Illustrative: Of Macedonian empire.
  • Illustrative: Of the wicked.
  • Jews had large flocks of
  • Milk of, used as food
  • Most profitable to the owner
  • Offered in sacrifice
  • Skin of, often used as clothing
  • The Arabians traded in
  • The hair of: Made into curtains, for covering the tabernacle.
  • The hair of: Made into pillows.
  • The hair of: Offered for tabernacle.
  • The male, best for sacrifice
  • The young of: Called kids.
  • The young of: Considered a delicacy.
  • The young of: Fed near the shepherds` tents.
  • The young of: Given as a present.
  • The young of: Kept in small flocks.
  • The young of: Not to be seethed in milk of mother.
  • The young of: Offered at the passover.
  • The young of: Offered in sacrifice.
  • When wild dwelt in the hills and rocks

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