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  • Antinomians abused
  • Beware lest you fail of
  • Came by Christ
  • Christ spoke with
  • Christ was full of
  • Foretold by the prophets
  • Given by Christ
  • Glory of, exhibited in our acceptance in Christ
  • God is the Giver of
  • God is the God of all
  • God`s throne, the throne of
  • God`s work completed in saints by
  • Inheritance of the promises by
  • Is described as: All-abundant.
  • Is described as: All-sufficient.
  • Is described as: Exceeding.
  • Is described as: Glorious.
  • Is described as: Great.
  • Is described as: Manifold.
  • Is described as: Rich.
  • Is described as: Sovereign.
  • Is the source of: Consolation.
  • Is the source of: Election.
  • Is the source of: Faith.
  • Is the source of: Forgiveness of sins.
  • Is the source of: Hope.
  • Is the source of: Justification.
  • Is the source of: Salvation.
  • Is the source of: The call of God.
  • Justification by, opposed to that by works
  • Manifestation of, in others, a cause of gladness
  • Necessary to the service of God
  • Not to be abused
  • Not to be received in vain
  • Pray for: For others.
  • Pray for: For yourselves.
  • Riches of, exhibited in God`s kindness through Christ
  • Saints: Abound in gifts of.
  • Saints: Are heirs of.
  • Saints: Are under.
  • Saints: Are what they are by.
  • Saints: Receive, from Christ.
  • Saints: Should be established in.
  • Saints: Should be strong in.
  • Saints: Should grow in.
  • Saints: Should speak with.
  • Special manifestation of, at the second coming of Christ
  • Specially given: To ministers.
  • Specially given: To the humble.
  • Specially given: To those who walk uprightly.
  • The gospel, a declaration of
  • The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of
  • The success and completion of the work of God to be attributed to
  • Was upon Christ

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