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  • Black, particularly esteemed
  • Colour of, changed by leprosy
  • Cut off in affliction
  • God: Numbers.
  • God: Takes care of.
  • Growth of
  • Innumerable
  • Judgments expressed by: Sending baldness for.
  • Judgments expressed by: Shaving.
  • Man cannot even change the colour or
  • Men condemned for wearing long
  • Of Nazarites: Not to be cut or shorn during their vow.
  • Of Nazarites: Shorn after completion of vow.
  • Of the healed leper to be shorn
  • Of women: Neglected in grief.
  • Of women: Plaited and broidered.
  • Of women: Well set and ornamented.
  • Of women: Worn long for a covering.
  • Often expensively anointed
  • Plucked out in extreme grief
  • Plucking out of, a reproach
  • Sometimes worn long by men
  • The natural covering of the head
  • White or gray: A token of age.
  • White or gray: A token of weakness and decay.
  • White or gray: An emblem of wisdom.
  • White or gray: To be reverenced.
  • White or gray: With righteousness, a crown of glory.

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