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  • (Cutting off,) of extreme self-denial
  • Clapped together in joy
  • Criminals often: Bound by.
  • Criminals often: Deprived of.
  • Criminals often: Hung by.
  • Criminals often: Mutilated in.
  • Custom of domestics pouring water upon, alluded to
  • Distinguished as: The left.
  • Distinguished as: The right.
  • God makes impotent
  • God strengthens
  • Illustrative: (Lifted up against another,) of rebellion.
  • Illustrative: (Opened,) of liberality.
  • Illustrative: (Shut,) of illiberality.
  • Illustrative: Of power.
  • Imposition of, a first principle of the doctrine of Christ
  • Imposition of, used in: Blessing.
  • Imposition of, used in: Conferring civil power.
  • Imposition of, used in: Imparting the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Imposition of, used in: Ordaining ministers.
  • Imposition of, used in: Setting apart the Levites.
  • Imposition of, used in: Transferring guilt of sacrifices.
  • Kissed in idolatrous worship
  • Many alike expert with both
  • Many had more command of the left
  • Necessary members of the body
  • Of the wicked, described as: Bloody.
  • Of the wicked, described as: Ensnaring to themselves.
  • Of the wicked, described as: Mischievous.
  • Of the wicked, described as: Slothful.
  • Of the wicked, described as: Violent.
  • Often spread out in prayer
  • Operations of, mentioned: Feeling.
  • Operations of, mentioned: Holding.
  • Operations of, mentioned: Making signs.
  • Operations of, mentioned: Striking.
  • Operations of, mentioned: Taking.
  • Operations of, mentioned: Working.
  • Operations of, mentioned: Writing.
  • Parts of, mentioned: The fingers.
  • Parts of, mentioned: The palm.
  • Parts of, mentioned: The thumb.
  • Placed under the thigh of a person to whom an oath was made
  • Right hand, illustrative: (Full of bribes,) of corruption.
  • Right hand, illustrative: (Full of falsehood,) of deceitfulness.
  • Right hand, illustrative: (Holding by,) of support.
  • Right hand, illustrative: (Standing at,) of protection.
  • Right hand, illustrative: (Withdrawn,) of support withheld.
  • Right hand, illustrative: Of strength and power.
  • Saints blessed in the work of
  • Servants directed by movements of
  • Should be employed: In acts of benevolence.
  • Should be employed: In God`s service.
  • Should be employed: Industriously.
  • Smitten together in extreme anger
  • Stretched out in derision
  • Suretiship entered into by striking
  • The Jews carried a staff in, when walking
  • The Jews eat with
  • The right hand: Given in token of friendship.
  • The right hand: Of healed leper touched with blood of his sacrifice.
  • The right hand: Of healed leper touched with oil.
  • The right hand: Of priests touched with blood of consecration-ram.
  • The right hand: Place of honour.
  • The right hand: Place of power.
  • The right hand: Signet worn on.
  • The right hand: Sworn by.
  • The right hand: The accuser stood at, of the accused.
  • The right hand: Used in embracing.
  • The wicked recompensed for the work of
  • Treaties made by joining
  • Were lifted up: In blessing.
  • Were lifted up: In praise.
  • Were lifted up: In prayer.
  • Were lifted up: In taking an oath.
  • Were washed: After touching an unclean person.
  • Were washed: Before eating.
  • Were washed: In token of innocency.

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