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  • A time of great joy
  • Called the: Appointed weeks of harvest.
  • Called the: Harvest time.
  • Failure of: A cause of great grief.
  • Failure of: A punishment for sin.
  • Failure of: Occasioned by drought.
  • Failure of: Occasioned by locusts.
  • Failure of: Sometimes continued for years.
  • Fields appeared white before
  • Former and latter rain necessary to abundance of
  • Illustrative: (Cold in,) of a refreshing message.
  • Illustrative: (Dew in,) of God`s protection.
  • Illustrative: (Rain in,) of honour given to fools.
  • Illustrative: Of a time of judgment.
  • Illustrative: Of a time when many are ready to receive the gospel.
  • Illustrative: Of ripeness for wrath.
  • Illustrative: Of seasons of grace.
  • Illustrative: Of the end of the world.
  • Ingathering of fruits of the fields
  • Legal provision for the poor during
  • Men and women engaged in
  • Miraculous thunder, &c in
  • Not to be commenced until the first fruits had been offered to God
  • Of barley at the passover
  • Of wheat at Pentecost
  • Omitted in the sabbatical year
  • Omitted in year of jubilee
  • Patience required in waiting for
  • Persons engaged in: Binders.
  • Persons engaged in: Called harvest-men.
  • Persons engaged in: Called labourers.
  • Persons engaged in: Fed by the husbandman during.
  • Persons engaged in: Often defrauded of their wages.
  • Persons engaged in: Reapers.
  • Persons engaged in: Received wages.
  • Slothfulness during, ruinous
  • The Sabbath to observed during
  • To continue without intermission

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