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  • Faith, the means of purifying
  • God: Creates a new.
  • God: Enlightens.
  • God: Establishes.
  • God: Influences.
  • God: Knows.
  • God: Opens.
  • God: Ponders.
  • God: Prepares.
  • God: Searched.
  • God: Strengthens.
  • God: Tries.
  • God: Understands the thoughts of.
  • Harden not against the poor
  • Harden not, against God
  • He that trusts in, is a fool
  • Issues of life are out of
  • Know the plague of
  • No man can cleanse
  • Pray that it may be: Cleansed.
  • Pray that it may be: Directed into the love of God.
  • Pray that it may be: Inclined to God`s testimonies.
  • Pray that it may be: United to fear God.
  • Regard not iniquity in
  • Renewal of, promised under the gospel
  • Should be: Applied to wisdom.
  • Should be: Given to God.
  • Should be: Guided in the right.
  • Should be: Kept with diligence.
  • Should be: Perfect with God.
  • Should be: Prepared to God.
  • Should be: Purified.
  • Should be: Single.
  • Should be: Tender.
  • Take heed lest it to be deceived
  • The pure in, shall see God
  • We should: Believe with.
  • We should: Do the will of God from.
  • We should: Keep God`s statutes with all.
  • We should: Love God with all.
  • We should: Love one another with a pure.
  • We should: Return to God with all.
  • We should: Sanctify God in.
  • We should: Serve God with all.
  • We should: Trust in God with all.
  • We should: Walk before God with all.
  • When broken and contrite, not despised by God

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