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  • And a place of torment.
  • Contains, a place of rest, Abraham`s bosom.
  • Described as: A furnace of fire.
  • Described as: A lake of fire.
  • Described as: Devouring fire.
  • Described as: Everlasting burnings.
  • Described as: Everlasting fire.
  • Described as: Everlasting punishment.
  • Described as: Fire and brimstone.
  • Described as: Unquenchable fire.
  • Devils are confined in, until the judgment day
  • Endeavour to keep others from
  • Human power cannot preserve from
  • Illustrated
  • Paradise.
  • Prepared for the devil, &c
  • Punishment of, is eternal
  • The beast, false prophets, and the devil shall be cast into
  • The body suffers in
  • The place of disembodied spirits
  • The place of future punishment: Destruction from the presence of God.
  • The powers of, cannot prevail against the Church
  • The society of the wicked leads to
  • The soul suffers in
  • The wicked shall be turned into
  • The wise avoid
  • Which Christ visited.

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