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  • Adorned with tapestry
  • Arnon.
  • Aven.
  • Baal.
  • Bamah.
  • Built by: Ahaz.
  • Built by: Jehoram.
  • Built by: Jeroboam.
  • Built by: Manasseh.
  • Built by: People of Israel.
  • Built by: People of Judah.
  • Built by: Solomon.
  • Destroyed: Asa, partially.
  • Destroyed: Hezekiah.
  • Destroyed: Jehoshaphat.
  • Destroyed: Josiah.
  • Enchantments used upon
  • Gibeon.
  • God sometimes worshipped on
  • Not removed: Amaziah.
  • Not removed: Azariah.
  • Not removed: Jehoash.
  • Not removed: Jotham.
  • Of the Canaanites to be destroyed
  • Priests ordained for
  • Sacrifices and incense offered to idols upon
  • Surrounded with groves
  • The Jews: Built, in all their streets.
  • The Jews: Built, in their cities.
  • The Jews: Condemned for building.
  • The Jews: Provoked God with.
  • The Jews: Punished for.
  • The Jews: Threatened with destruction of.
  • Tophet.
  • Used for idolatrous worship

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