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  • Accessible from the outside
  • Admission to, gained by knocking at the door
  • Antiquity of
  • Apartments of, were often: Ceiled and painted.
  • Apartments of, were often: Hung with rich tapestries.
  • Apartments of, were often: Inlaid with ivory.
  • Apartments of, were often: Large and airy.
  • Apartments of, were often: Warmed with fires.
  • Built of: Bricks.
  • Built of: Clay.
  • Built of: Hewn or cut stone.
  • Built of: Stone and wood.
  • Custom of fastening nails, &c, in walls of, alluded to
  • Deep and solid foundations required for
  • Desolation of, threatened as a punishment
  • Divided into apartments
  • Doors of, how fastened
  • Doors of, low and small for safety
  • Entered by a gate or door
  • For summer residence
  • Had often detached apartments for secrecy and for strangers
  • Had often several stories
  • Illustrative: (Building of,) of great prosperity.
  • Illustrative: (Built and not inhabited,) of calamity.
  • Illustrative: (Insecurity of,) of earthly trust.
  • Illustrative: (On a rock,) of the hope of saints.
  • Illustrative: (On sand,) of the delusive hope of hypocrites.
  • Illustrative: (To inhabit those, built by others,) of abundant feelings.
  • Illustrative: Of saints` inheritance.
  • Illustrative: Of the body.
  • Illustrative: Of the church.
  • Illustrative: Of the grave.
  • In cities, built in streets
  • Law respecting the sale of
  • Liable to leprosy
  • Lighted by windows
  • Not to be coveted
  • Of brick or clay: Easily broken through.
  • Of brick or clay: Often swept away by torrents.
  • Of brick or clay: Plastered.
  • Of criminals, desolated
  • Of the rich: Goodly.
  • Of the rich: Great.
  • Of the rich: Pleasant.
  • Often broken down to repair city walls before sieges
  • Often built on city walls
  • Serpents often lodged in walls of
  • Sometimes built without foundation
  • Street windows of, high and dangerous
  • The courts of, large and used as apartments
  • The flat roofs of: Had often booths on them.
  • The flat roofs of: Had often idolatrous altars on them.
  • The flat roofs of: Often covered with week grass.
  • The flat roofs of: Resorted to in grief.
  • The flat roofs of: Surrounded with battlements.
  • The flat roofs of: Used for devotion.
  • The flat roofs of: Used for drying flax.
  • The flat roofs of: Used for exercise.
  • The flat roofs of: Used for making proclamations.
  • The flat roofs of: Used for secret conference.
  • Upper apartments of, the best, and used for entertainments
  • Walls of, plastered
  • Were hired
  • Were mortgaged
  • Were sold
  • When finished were usually dedicated

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