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  • Beware the principles of
  • Christ knew and detected
  • Described as: Seeking only outward purity.
  • Described as: Apparently zealous in the things of God.
  • Described as: Censorious.
  • Described as: Covetous.
  • Described as: Devouring widows` houses.
  • Described as: Exact in minor, but neglecting important duties.
  • Described as: Glorying in appearance only.
  • Described as: Having but a form of godliness.
  • Described as: Loving pre-eminence.
  • Described as: Ostentatious.
  • Described as: Professing but not practising.
  • Described as: Regarding tradition more than the word of God.
  • Described as: Self-righteous.
  • Described as: Trusting in privileges.
  • Described as: Using but lip-worship.
  • Described as: Vile.
  • Described as: Wilfully blind.
  • Described as: Zealous in making proselytes.
  • Destroy others by slander
  • Exemplified: Absalom.
  • Exemplified: Ananias.
  • Exemplified: Cain.
  • Exemplified: Herodians.
  • Exemplified: Judas.
  • Exemplified: Pharisees, &c.
  • Exemplified: Simon.
  • Exemplified: The Jews.
  • Fearfulness shall surprise
  • God has no pleasure in
  • God knows and detects
  • Heap up wrath
  • Hope of perishes
  • Illustrated
  • In power, are a snare
  • Joy of, but for a moment
  • Punishment of
  • Shall not come before God
  • Spirit of, hinders growth in grace
  • The Apostasy to abound with
  • Woe to
  • Worship of, not acceptable to God

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