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  • A bad example leads to
  • Brings a curse
  • Covetousness leads to
  • Exemplified: Ahab.
  • Exemplified: Festus.
  • Exemplified: Jews.
  • Exemplified: Judas.
  • Exemplified: Pilate.
  • Exemplified: Potiphar.
  • Exemplified: Priests &c.
  • Exemplified: Princes &c.
  • Exemplified: Sons of Samuel.
  • Forbidden
  • God: Abominates.
  • God: Approves not of.
  • God: Hears the cry of those who suffer.
  • God: Provoked to avenge.
  • God: Regards.
  • Intemperance leads to
  • Of the least kind, condemned
  • Punishment of
  • Saints should: Bear, patiently.
  • Saints should: Hate.
  • Saints should: Take no vengeance for.
  • Saints should: Testify against.
  • Specially to be avoided towards: Servants.
  • Specially to be avoided towards: The poor.
  • Specially to be avoided towards: The stranger and fatherless.
  • The wicked: Deal with.
  • The wicked: Judge with.
  • The wicked: Practise, without shame.

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