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  • Admits of a high polish
  • An article of commerce
  • Described as: Fusible.
  • Described as: Malleable.
  • Described as: Strong and durable.
  • Dug out of the earth
  • From the north hardest and best
  • Great quantity of, provided for the temple
  • Hardened into steel
  • Illustrative: (Seared with,) of insensibility of conscience.
  • Illustrative: Of a hard barren soil.
  • Illustrative: Of severe affliction.
  • Illustrative: Of severe exercise of power.
  • Illustrative: Of strength.
  • Illustrative: Of stubbornness.
  • Made into: Armour.
  • Made into: Bars.
  • Made into: Bedsteads.
  • Made into: Chariots.
  • Made into: Fetters.
  • Made into: Gates.
  • Made into: Graving tools.
  • Made into: Idols.
  • Made into: Implements for husbandry.
  • Made into: Nails and hinges.
  • Made into: Pillars.
  • Made into: Rods.
  • Made into: Tools for artificers.
  • Made into: Weapons of war.
  • Made into: Yokes.
  • Miraculously made to swim
  • Mode of purifying, taken in war
  • Of greater gravity than water
  • Of small comparative value
  • Sharpens things made of
  • Taken in war, often dedicated to God
  • The land of Canaan abounded with
  • Used from the earliest age
  • Working in, a trade

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