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  • Called: Arabians.
  • Called: Hagarenes.
  • Called: Hagarites.
  • Descended from Abraham`s son, Ishmael
  • Divided into twelve tribes
  • Dwelt in tents
  • Governed by kings
  • Heads of tribes
  • Often confederate against Israel
  • Original possessions of
  • Overcome by: Gideon.
  • Overcome by: Reubenites and Gadites.
  • Overcome by: Uzziah.
  • Predictions respecting: Their glory, &c to be diminished.
  • Predictions respecting: Their submission to Christ.
  • Predictions respecting: To be a great nation.
  • Predictions respecting: To be divided into twelve tribes.
  • Predictions respecting: To be judged with the nations.
  • Predictions respecting: To be numerous.
  • Predictions respecting: To be warlike and predatory.
  • Predictions respecting: To be wild and savage.
  • Predictions respecting: To continue independent.
  • Probably preached to by Paul
  • Rich in cattle
  • Sent flocks to Jehoshaphat
  • Sent presents to Solomon
  • Travelled in large companies or caravans
  • Waylaid and plundered travellers
  • Were the merchants of the east
  • Wore ornaments of gold

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