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  • Described as: Burning.
  • Described as: Shining.
  • Design of
  • Illumination of the tents of Arab chiefs by, alluded to
  • Illustrative: (Put out,) of destruction of the wicked.
  • Illustrative: (Totally quenched,) of complete destruction of those who curse parents.
  • Illustrative: Of a succession of heirs.
  • Illustrative: Of glory of the cherubim.
  • Illustrative: Of God`s guidance.
  • Illustrative: Of graces of the Holy Spirit.
  • Illustrative: Of ministers.
  • Illustrative: Of omniscience of Christ.
  • Illustrative: Of salvation of God.
  • Illustrative: Of severe judgments.
  • Illustrative: Of spirit of man.
  • Illustrative: Of the word of God.
  • Illustrative: Of wise rulers.
  • Lighted with oil
  • Often kept lighting all night
  • Oil for, carried in vessels
  • Placed on a stand to give light to all in the house
  • Probable origin of dark lantern
  • Required to be constantly trimmed
  • Sometimes supplied with oil form a bowl through pipes
  • Used for lighting: Chariots of war by night.
  • Used for lighting: Marriage processions.
  • Used for lighting: Persons going out at night.
  • Used for lighting: Private apartments.
  • Used for lighting: The tabernacle.

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