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  • Ancient kingdoms often comprehended nations of different
  • Called: Speech.
  • Called: Tongue.
  • Confusion of: A punishment for presumption, &c.
  • Confusion of: Divided men into separated nations.
  • Confusion of: Originated the varieties in.
  • Confusion of: Scattered men over the earth.
  • Great variety of, spoken by men
  • Interpretation of: A gift of the Holy Spirit.
  • Interpretation of: Antiquity of engaging persons for.
  • Interpretation of: Most important in the early church.
  • Interpretation of: The Jews punished by being given up to people of a strange.
  • Kinds of, mentioned: Arabic, &c.
  • Kinds of, mentioned: Chaldea.
  • Kinds of, mentioned: Egyptian.
  • Kinds of, mentioned: Greek.
  • Kinds of, mentioned: Hebrew.
  • Kinds of, mentioned: Latin.
  • Kinds of, mentioned: Lycaonian.
  • Kinds of, mentioned: Syriack.
  • Of all mankind one at first
  • Of some nations difficult
  • Power of speaking different: A gift of the Holy Spirit.
  • Power of speaking different: A sign to unbelievers.
  • Power of speaking different: Ceased when the written Bible completed.
  • Power of speaking different: Conferred by laying on of the apostles` hands.
  • Power of speaking different: Followed receiving the gospel.
  • Power of speaking different: Given on the day of Pentecost.
  • Power of speaking different: Necessary to spread of the gospel.
  • Power of speaking different: Promised.
  • Power of speaking different: Sometimes abused.
  • The term barbarian applied to those who spoke a strange

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