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  • A means of national reformation
  • A schoolmaster to lead to Christ
  • A shadow of good things to come
  • Additions made to, in the plains of Moab by Jordan
  • All Israelites required: To know.
  • All Israelites required: To lay up, in their hearts.
  • All Israelites required: To observe.
  • All Israelites required: To remember.
  • All Israelites required: To teach their children.
  • Book of, laid up in the sanctuary
  • Called: A fiery law.
  • Called: Book of Moses.
  • Called: Book of the law.
  • Called: Lively oracles.
  • Called: Ministration of condemnation.
  • Called: Ministration of death.
  • Called: Royal law.
  • Called: Word spoken by angels.
  • Christ: Abrogated, as a covenant of works.
  • Christ: Attended all feasts of.
  • Christ: Bore the curse of.
  • Christ: Came not to destroy but to fulfil.
  • Christ: Circumcised according to.
  • Christ: Fulfilled all precepts of.
  • Christ: Fulfilled all types and shadows of.
  • Christ: Made under.
  • Christ: Magnified and made honourable.
  • Could not disannul the covenant of grace made in Christ
  • Could not give righteous and life
  • Darkness, &c at giving of, illustrative of obscurity of Mosaic age
  • Divided into: A covenant of works to the Jews as a nation.
  • Divided into: Ceremonial, relating to manner of worshipping God.
  • Divided into: Civil, relating to administration of justice.
  • Divided into: Moral, embodied in the ten commandments.
  • Entire of, written in a book
  • Given: After the exodus.
  • Given: At Horeb.
  • Given: By disposition of angels.
  • Given: From the Mount Sinai.
  • Given: In the desert.
  • Given: Through Moses as mediator.
  • Given: To no other nation.
  • Given: To the Jews.
  • Good kings enforced
  • Is the law of God
  • Jewish converts would have all Christians observe
  • Kings to write and study
  • None to approach the Mount while God gave
  • Priests and Levites to teach
  • Public instruction given to youth in
  • Publicly read: At the feast of tabernacles in the sabbatical year.
  • Publicly read: By Ezra.
  • Publicly read: By Joshua.
  • Publicly read: In the synagogues every Sabbath day.
  • Rehearsed by Moses
  • Remarkable phenomena connected with, at giving of
  • Tables of, laid up in the ark
  • Taught the Jews: All punishments awarded according to.
  • Taught the Jews: Strict justice and impartiality.
  • Taught the Jews: To love and fear God.
  • Taught the Jews: To love their neighbour.
  • Terror of Israel at receiving
  • The Jews: Accused Christ of breaking.
  • The Jews: Accused Christians of speaking.
  • The Jews: Broke it themselves.
  • The Jews: Dishonoured God by breaking.
  • The Jews: From regard to, rejected Christ.
  • The Jews: Held those ignorant of, accursed.
  • The Jews: Jealous for.
  • The Jews: Shall be judged by.
  • The scribes were learned in, and expounded
  • Was a burdensome yoke
  • Was not the manifestation of the grace of God

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