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  • Be not over-anxious to provide for its wants
  • Be thankful for: The preservation of.
  • Be thankful for: The supply of its wants.
  • Cares and pleasures of, dangerous
  • Described as: Full of trouble.
  • Described as: Limited.
  • Described as: Short.
  • Described as: Uncertain.
  • Described as: Vain.
  • Forfeited by sin
  • God is the author of
  • God preserves
  • God`s loving-kindness better than
  • Is compared to: A dream.
  • Is compared to: A flower.
  • Is compared to: A hand-breadth.
  • Is compared to: A pilgrimage.
  • Is compared to: A shadow.
  • Is compared to: A shepherd`s tent removed.
  • Is compared to: A sleep.
  • Is compared to: A swift post.
  • Is compared to: A swift ship.
  • Is compared to: A tale told.
  • Is compared to: A thread cut by the weaver.
  • Is compared to: A vapour.
  • Is compared to: A weaver`s shuttle.
  • Is compared to: An eagle hasting to the prey.
  • Is compared to: Grass.
  • Is compared to: Water spilt on the ground.
  • Is compared to: Wind.
  • Is in the hand of God
  • Miraculously restored by Christ
  • Obedience to God, tends to prolong
  • Obedience to parents, tends to prolong
  • Of others, not to be taken away
  • Of saints, specially protected by God
  • Of the wicked, not specially protected by God
  • Preserved by discretion
  • Saints have true enjoyment of
  • Shortness of, should lead to spiritual improvement
  • Should be laid down, if necessary, for Christ
  • Should be laid down, if necessary, for the brethren
  • Should be spent in: Doing good.
  • Should be spent in: Living to God.
  • Should be spent in: Peace.
  • Should be spent in: The fear of God.
  • Should be spent in: The service of God.
  • Should be taken all due care of
  • Sometimes judicially shortened
  • Sometimes prolonged, in answer to prayer
  • The dissatisfied despise
  • The enjoyment of, consists not in abundance of possessions
  • The value of
  • The wicked have their portion of good, during
  • We know not what is good for us in

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