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  • A fruit of the Spirit
  • After the example of Christ
  • All things should be done with
  • An evidence of: Being in the light.
  • An evidence of: Discipleship with Christ.
  • An evidence of: Spiritual life.
  • Commanded by Christ
  • Commanded by God
  • Especially enjoined upon ministers
  • Exemplified: Aquila.
  • Exemplified: Centurion.
  • Exemplified: Colossians.
  • Exemplified: Epaphroditus.
  • Exemplified: Jonathan, &c.
  • Exemplified: Joseph.
  • Exemplified: Lydia.
  • Exemplified: Moses.
  • Exemplified: Obadiah.
  • Exemplified: Onesiphorus.
  • Exemplified: Paul.
  • Exemplified: Philemon.
  • Exemplified: Philippians.
  • Exemplified: Ruth.
  • Exemplified: The Church.
  • Exemplified: Thessalonians.
  • Explained
  • Faith works by
  • Hypocrites, devoid of
  • Is a bond of union
  • Is an abiding principle
  • Is an active principle
  • Is good and pleasant
  • Is of God
  • Is the bond of perfectness
  • Is the end of the commandment
  • Is the fulfilling of the law
  • Is the second great commandment
  • Love to self is the measure of
  • Necessary to true happiness
  • Purity of heart leads to
  • Saints should: Abound in.
  • Saints should: Be disinterested in.
  • Saints should: Be fervent in.
  • Saints should: Be sincere in.
  • Saints should: Continue in.
  • Saints should: Follow after.
  • Saints should: Provoke each other to.
  • Saints should: Put on.
  • Should be connected with brotherly kindness
  • Should be exhibited, in: Clothing the naked.
  • Should be exhibited, in: Covering the faults of others.
  • Should be exhibited, in: Forbearing.
  • Should be exhibited, in: Forgiving injuries.
  • Should be exhibited, in: Loving each other.
  • Should be exhibited, in: Ministering to the wants of others.
  • Should be exhibited, in: Rebuking.
  • Should be exhibited, in: Relieving strangers.
  • Should be exhibited, in: Supporting the weak.
  • Should be exhibited, in: Sympathising.
  • Should be exhibited, in: Visiting the sick, &c.
  • Should be exhibited, toward: All men.
  • Should be exhibited, toward: Enemies.
  • Should be exhibited, toward: Fellow-countrymen.
  • Should be exhibited, toward: Ministers.
  • Should be exhibited, toward: Our families.
  • Should be exhibited, toward: Saints.
  • Should be exhibited, toward: Strangers.
  • Should be with a pure heart
  • Supernatural gifts are nothing without
  • Taught by God
  • The greatest sacrifices are nothing without
  • The love of God is a motive to
  • The wicked devoid of

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