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  • Are appointed by God
  • Are ministers of God
  • Are not a terror to the good, but to the evil
  • Good-Exemplified: Daniel.
  • Good-Exemplified: Gideon.
  • Good-Exemplified: Job.
  • Good-Exemplified: Joseph.
  • Good-Exemplified: Nehemiah.
  • Good-Exemplified: Samuel.
  • Purpose of their appointment
  • Should: Seek wisdom from God.
  • Should: Be diligent in ruling.
  • Should: Be faithful to the Sovereign.
  • Should: Be impartial.
  • Should: Defend the poor.
  • Should: Enforce the laws.
  • Should: Hate covetousness.
  • Should: Judge for God, not for man.
  • Should: Judge righteously.
  • Should: Judge wisely.
  • Should: Know the law of God.
  • Should: Not take bribes.
  • Should: Rule in the fear of God.
  • Should: Subjection to their authority enjoined.
  • Their office to be respected
  • To be prayed for
  • To be wisely selected and appointed
  • Wicked-Exemplified: Felix.
  • Wicked-Exemplified: Gallio.
  • Wicked-Exemplified: Magistrates in Philippi.
  • Wicked-Exemplified: Pilate.
  • Wicked-Exemplified: Sons of Samuel.
  • Wicked-Illustrated

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