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  • A golden pot of, laid up in the holiest for a memorial
  • An omer of, gathered for each person
  • Called: Angel`s food.
  • Called: Bread from heaven.
  • Called: Bread of heaven.
  • Called: Corn of heaven.
  • Called: God`s manna.
  • Called: Spiritual meat.
  • Ceased when Israel entered Canaan
  • Described as: Like coriander seed.
  • Described as: Like hoar frost.
  • Described as: Like in colour to bdellium.
  • Described as: Like in taste to oil.
  • Described as: Like in taste to wafers made with honey.
  • Described as: White.
  • Fell after the evening dew
  • Gathered every morning
  • Given: As a sign of Moses`s divine mission.
  • Given: As a test of obedience.
  • Given: For forty years.
  • Given: In answer to prayer.
  • Given: Through Moses.
  • Given: To exhibit God`s glory.
  • Given: To humble and prove Israel.
  • Given: To teach that man does not live by bread only.
  • Given: When Israel murmured for bread.
  • He that gathered much or little had sufficient and nothing over
  • Illustrative of: Blessedness given to saints.
  • Illustrative of: Christ.
  • Kept longer than a day (except on the Sabbath) became corrupt
  • Melted away by the sun
  • Miraculously given to Israel for food in the wilderness
  • None fell on the Sabbath day
  • Previously unknown
  • The Israelites: At first covetous of.
  • The Israelites: Counted inferior to food of Egypt.
  • The Israelites: Ground, made into cakes and baked in pans.
  • The Israelites: Loathed.
  • The Israelites: Punished for despising.
  • The Israelites: Punished for loathing.
  • Two portions of, gathered the sixth day on account of the Sabbath

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