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  • A benediction pronounced after
  • A covenant relationship
  • A dowry given to the woman`s parents before
  • Celebrated: For seven days.
  • Celebrated: With feasting.
  • Celebrated: With great rejoicing.
  • Consent of the parties necessary to
  • Contracted at the gate and before witnesses
  • Contracted in patriarchal age with near relations
  • Designed for: Increasing the human population.
  • Designed for: Preventing fornication.
  • Designed for: Raising up godly seed.
  • Designed for: The happiness of man.
  • Divinely instituted
  • Early introduction of polygamy
  • Elder daughters usually given in, before the younger
  • Expressed by: Giving daughters to sons, and sons to daughters.
  • Expressed by: Joining together.
  • Expressed by: Making affinity.
  • Expressed by: Taking to wife.
  • Garments provided for guests at
  • Honourable for all
  • Illustrative of: Christ`s union with his church.
  • Illustrative of: God`s union with the Jewish nation.
  • Indissoluble during the joint lives of the parties
  • Infidelity of those contracted in, punished as if married
  • Lawful in all
  • Modes of demanding women in
  • Often contracted by parents for children
  • Parents might refuse to give their children in
  • Priest not to contract, with divorced or improper persons
  • Should be only in the Lord
  • Should be with consent of parents
  • The bride: Adorned with jewels for.
  • The bride: Attended by bridesmaids.
  • The bride: Called to forget her father`s house.
  • The bride: Given a handmaid at.
  • The bride: Gorgeously apparelled.
  • The bride: Received presents before.
  • The bride: Stood on the right of bridegroom.
  • The bridegroom: Adorned with ornaments.
  • The bridegroom: Attended by many friends.
  • The bridegroom: Crowned with garlands.
  • The bridegroom: Presented with gifts.
  • The bridegroom: Rejoiced over the bride.
  • The bridegroom: Returned with the bride to his house at night.
  • The expectation of the promised seed of the woman an incentive to, in the early age
  • The high priest not to contract, with a widow or a divorced or profane person
  • The Jews: Betrothed themselves some time before.
  • The Jews: Careful in contracting for their children.
  • The Jews: Considered being debarred from, a cause of grief.
  • The Jews: Considered being debarred from, a reproach.
  • The Jews: Contracted when young.
  • The Jews: Exempted from going to war immediately after.
  • The Jews: Forbidden to contract with idolaters.
  • The Jews: Forbidden to contract, with their near relations.
  • The Jews: Obliged to contract with a brother`s wife who died without seed.
  • The Jews: Often contracted with foreigners.
  • The Jews: Often contracted, in their own tribe.
  • The Jews: Often punished by being debarred from.
  • The Jews: Sometimes guilty of polygamy.
  • The Jews: Were allowed divorce from, because of hardness of their hearts.

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