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  • Distances measured by rods and lines
  • Illustrative: (Correcting in measure,) of mitigated afflictions.
  • Illustrative: (Drinking tears in great measure,) of severe afflictions.
  • Illustrative: (Drinking water, by measure) of severe famine.
  • Illustrative: (Measuring the dust of the earth,) of God`s greatness.
  • Illustrative: (Opening the mouth without measure,) of the insatiableness of hell.
  • Illustrative: (The measure of our days,) of the shortness of life.
  • Illustrative: (The measure of the stature of Christ,) of perfection.
  • Illustrative: (Weighing the waters in a measure,) of God`s infinite wisdom.
  • Of length: Cubit.
  • Of length: Fathom.
  • Of length: Furlong.
  • Of length: Handbreadth.
  • Of length: Mile.
  • Of length: Span.
  • Of liquids and solids: Bath or ephah.
  • Of liquids and solids: Cab.
  • Of liquids and solids: Firkin.
  • Of liquids and solids: Hin.
  • Of liquids and solids: Homer or Cor.
  • Of liquids and solids: Log.
  • Of liquids and solids: Omer or tenth-deal (the tenth of an ephah).
  • The Jews not to be unjust in
  • The Jews often used unjust
  • Unjust, an abomination to God
  • Were regulated by the standard of the sanctuary

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